Weiping Pei

Assistant Professor

School of Cyber Studies
The University of Tulsa

Office: Keplinger Hall 115b
Email: weiping-pei at utulsa dot edu

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About Me

I am Weiping Pei, an Assistant Professor in the School of Cyber Studies at The University of Tulsa. I received my Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Colorado School of Mines in 2022, under the supervision of Professor Chuan Yue. Before that, I got my B.Eng. and M.Eng. degrees from Sun Yat-sen University. My research interests are broadly in the area of security and privacy, crowdsourcing, and machine learning. For more information, please view my CV.

I'm looking for self-motivated students (both undergraduates and graduates) who are interested in doing Crowdsourcing, AI, Web, Mobile, and IoT systems security & privacy research. Please stop by my office or send me an email with a brief introduction of yourself. Thank you!


Honors, Grants, and Awards


  • Generating Content-Preserving and Semantics-Flipping Adversarial Text.
    By Weiping Pei, and Chuan Yue. In proceedings of the ACM ASIA Conference on Computer and Communications Security (AsiaCCS), 2022 (acceptance rate: 18.4%).

  • WtaGraph: Web Tracking and Advertising Detection using Graph Neural Networks.
    By Zhiju Yang, Weiping Pei, Monchu Chen, and Chuan Yue. In proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P), 2022.

  • Quality Control in Crowdsourcing based on Fine-Grained Behavioral Features.
    By Weiping Pei, Zhiju Yang, Monchu Chen, and Chuan Yue. In proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW), 2021.

  • Attention Please: Your Attention Check Questions in Survey Studies Can Be Automatically Answered.
    By Weiping Pei, Arthur Mayer, Kaylynn Tu, and Chuan Yue. In proceedings of the The Web Conference (WWW), 2020.

  • Fast Approximation of Non-Negative Sparse Recovery via Deep Learning.
    By Youye Xie, Zifan Wang, Weiping Pei, and Gongguo Tang. In proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2019.

  • Spammer Detection via Combined Neural Network.
    By Weiping Pei, Youye Xie, and Gongguo Tang. In proceedings of the International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition (MLDM), 2018.

  • An embedded 6-axis sensor based recognition for tennis stroke.
    By Weiping Pei, Jun Wang, Xubin Xu, Zhengwei Wu, and Xiaorong Du. In proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), 2017.

  • Teaching

    CYB 8003 - Research Seminar in Cyber Studies[Spring 2023], The University of Tulsa

    CYB 3363 - Data Security and Cryptography [Fall 2022], The University of Tulsa

    CSCI 474/574 - Introduction to Cryptography/Theory of Cryptography [Spring 2022], Colorado Scchool of Mines

    CSCI 585 - Information Security and Privacy [Fall 2021], Colorado Scchool of Mines